RAID: Shadow Legends




Recruit legendary heroes and save planet Teleria


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RAID: Shadow Legends is an RPG with turn based combat mechanics, where players can control a group of legendary heroes and use them to save planet Teleria from destruction. To achieve this, players will have to journey through dozens of different places, through which an epic storyline will gradually unfold.

The combat system used in RAID: Shadow Legends is reminiscent of some of the greatest titles of this genre. On your turn, you can choose the type of attack or ability that each of your characters will use against the opposition, keeping in mind the strengths and weaknesses of each team member. You can also combine your characters' attacks to deliver crushing blows.

In RAID: Shadow Legends you can recruit over one hundred different heroes, belonging to sixteen separate clans. Each hero has a completely unique style, with their own abilities and attributes. By levelling up, you can not only progress through the game but also unlock new weapons, armour, attacks, and many other cool extras.

Even though the campaign mode in RAID: Shadow Legends is truly spectacular (with over a dozen perfectly narrated episodes), it's not the only mode available to you. You can also participate in exciting PVP duels, in which you can challenge other players from all over the world and pit your team against theirs.

RAID: Shadow Legend is an outstanding RPG with exhilarating game-play, some of the best graphics to be found on Android, and fun combat mechanics. This game is full of possibilities - you'll be hooked for hours at a time.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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